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Canada Relink Call2Talk offers two different plans that are designed to suit your needs.

You can choose from our Flat Rate Long Distance plan or our Cheap Pay As You Go Jail and Prison calling service.

The Choice is yours!


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You’re now in control of what you pay! What does being a prepaid service mean to you? It means that you will feel and at ease knowing exactly how much you are paying each and every month. Connect to all ON & QC facilities for a low monthly fee of $39.99 + $1.50 connection charge. Connect to AB/BC/SA/NS/NL for $79.99 + $3.00 connection charge.

For as low as $1.50, you can make a 20 min call!

  • Unlimited Talk
  • No hidden Costs
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Industry Leading Low Connection Fee

We understand that not everyone needs a fixed priced plan. We also understand that everyone does not make constant collect calls so Canada Relink Call2Talk has the solution for you. With our low $0.075 a min plus $2.00 connection fee, you can talk as much or as little as you want. This plan is only available to facilities located in Ontario and Quebec. More facilities will be added soon.

No more guessing. No more over budgeting. No more worries.

It’s just that easy!

  • Talk a lot. Talk A Little. Always $0.075 a min!
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Industry Leading Low Connection Fee

 (Canadian Tax Law requires HST to be charged on both services and calls. Any bank or credit card transaction fees are not included, if any.)

We accept all major Credit cards for payment.

***When using Credit cards:

For your safety and security we require that you send us further information before processing credit cards:

  • Photo ID
  • Front and back of Credit Card
  • Hand written note stating that you give consent to CanadaRelink to use the credit card over the phone

You can email all information to  or

Text us or call us at  1-888-227-5941 

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